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Red Search is an Australian SEO agency focused on growing businesses online. We leverage powerful SEO tactics to generate your business with streams of high-quality leads, then converting them into measurable sales.

We work with executives, business owners and marketing managers all across Australia, driving real long-lasting growth. Partner with a results-driven SEO agency that cares about your business’ success today.

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An SEO agency, that just does SEO

In a fast-paced, continually evolving industry, we make it our mission to ensure that our clients receive a best-in-class SEO service. This means that our SEO experts continually research, implement and test ground-breaking SEO practices that work for your business.

Partner with a pure specialist agency that just does SEO. Our core speciality lies within just one digital marketing channel and that is SEO.

Dedicated senior SEO consultants

When you partner with us, you are assigned a dedicated senior SEO specialist. Gone are the days of having to deal with account managers who lack technical ability.

Our senior SEO specialists will implement, translate and liaise everything you need to know in a simplified manner that allows you to better make informed business decisions.

Bespoke SEO strategies

We don't believe in cookie-cutter strategies that have no real thought input. Instead, all our clients receive a bespoke SEO strategy that is uniquely crafted to suit their brand.

As your SEO agency, we make every endeavour to incorporate new data-driven learnings to shape and reshape your strategy. This puts us in the best position to drive maximum results for your business.

Award-winning services across SEO & Content

We combine the power of SEO and Content Marketing to achieve new growth heights for our clients. Our agency has been awarded ‘Best SEO Campaign’ and ‘Best Content Marketing Campaign’ at industry-leading events, proudly showcasing our innovative work in both SEO and Content.

Let's chat about how we can leverage powerful SEO and content strategies to work for your business.

Data from industry-leading tools

We grant your business premium access to the best and most reliable SEO tools in the industry. Receive quick and meaningful SEO data when you need it most, directly from an SEO specialist who understands you and your business.

When it comes to reliable data, we don't settle for second best and you shouldn't too.

APAC Search Awards 2021 Winner

Best SEO Campaign

We craft winning SEO campaigns that drive business results.

Semrush Search Awards 2020 Winner

Best Content Marketing Campaign

We craft winning content-driven campaigns that drive business results.

DAN Agency Network

Australia Web Industry Association 2

National SEO

Perfect for companies that have a national presence and are targeting multiple Australian cities.

Link Building

Acquire powerful Google-friendly backlinks with the goal of increasing your SEO rankings sustainably, long-term.

Local SEO

Most suitable for SMEs that are targeting a specific region and seeking to improve local customer engagement.

Content Marketing

We deploy a scalable content strategy that speaks with your audience while also maximising SEO results.

Enterprise SEO

We align ourselves with your organisation to identify and solve challenges using best-in-class SEO practices.

Google Penalty

We lift your website out of Google's various penalties and put you back on the path of business growth.

SEO Auditing

In-depth SEO auditing and reporting, designed to identify and address technical SEO bottlenecks.

SEO Migration

Custom website migration solutions that protect against severe SEO ranking fluctuations & organic traffic loss.

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How we get results

Research & Strategy

Business and competitor research is conducted within the first stage of every SEO campaign, we call this the discovery phase. At its core, our discovery allows us to sufficiently benchmark and set expectations on future deliverables.

We audit your website and the search landscape to collect valuable competitor and market data. We then formulate a bespoke SEO strategy designed to suit your business and solve your unique growth challenges.

Transparent Reporting

We work with industry-leading SEO reporting tools that allow for the highest level in data tracking and management. This allows for valuable business metrics to be extracted and served when you and your team need it most.

All project reporting is done in a transparent manner. This means that business owners and senior staff can access reports conveniently, allowing them to make key business decisions moving forward. Ultimately, our mission is to ensure that through our SEO, your business will have a competitive edge over your direct competitors.

Seamless Implementation

Timely and swift implementation of core findings is key to streamlining and achieving successful results. We’re able to work with your web development team or have our own in-house SEO specialists implement best SEO practices.

All our staff are senior Australian SEO specialists. This means that you will always receive the highest level of support and implementation expertise. We don’t just set and forget, we’re with you every step of the way.

White-Hat SEO Agency

Working with an SEO agency that understands the importance of sustainable business growth has never been easier. At Red Search, we focus on implementing Google-friendly SEO practices, designed to scale and grow your business long-term.

Our SEO experts make it our mission to continually deliver value to your business while also educating your team on the best and most effective SEO practices available in the market.

FAQs, we got you covered

In short, the answer is yes. SEO can dramatically improve the online presence of your website. Given that SEO is generally considered the best performing digital marketing strategy when measured on ROI, we’d say the answer is clear.

Whether you are a business looking to generate additional enquiries, or a medium-sized blog seeking to drive more organic traffic, when done right, SEO will always prove to be a beneficial long-term strategy.

There are many SEO services and techniques used to make a website as search-engine-friendly as possible. SEO processes range from the simplest tasks to highly advanced and sophisticated practices and strategies. In some cases, especially if you working on large websites, you will need to collaborate with web developers and designers in order to ensure implementation is completed as smoothly as possible.

Basic SEO concepts include keyword research, website architecture optimisation, content optimisation, metadata optimisation, website loading speed, link building, backlink audits, competitor analysis and more.

In both theory and practice, search engines prioritise some SEO factors over others when determining how to best rank a web page. The most important factors consist of website UX (user experience), backlinks and content.

Example: When trying to get a web page ranked. Having a decent amount of high-quality inbound links would have priority over fast page loading speed. This isn’t to say page speed doesn’t matter. However, search engines do consider some ranking factors to be of higher importance than others.

No, we do not. As an SEO agency, we will never provide any sort of SEO guarantee. This doesn’t mean that we are not confident in our work, it means that we care enough about our client’s success to want to not provide misleading expectations.

Google has warned businesses to stay away from SEO agencies that provide ranking guarantees.

Generally speaking, it takes 3~6 months to see SEO results come to fruition. Depending on your goals, this could mean achieving first page results on Google, a percentage increase in SEO traffic, or a growing number of SEO leads.

Every industry is different as SEO takes into consideration the size of your market, the competitiveness of keywords and what your competitors are doing.

We capitalise on results through a compound effect. The more optimisations we implement, the higher the chance your SEO results will snowball.

The number of SEO keywords will vary depending on your monthly budget spend. Generally, we will target your top keywords, most relevant to your chosen target area. Obviously, the more time that is allocated to the campaign, the more time we will have to actively optimise, rank for and target additional keywords.

The SEO landscape has significantly changed thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence and technology as a whole. We dive deep to understand and extract important highly converting ‘intent’ based keywords so that your website works to consistently convert paying customers.

When you make an investment with us, you receive a detailed SEO strategy and detailed plan of action. We look at all the different aspects of your business and website and effectively formulate how we can maximise your return on investment with SEO.

With your SEO investment, you can expect the following benefits:

  • A stream of high quality SEO leads
  • Noticeable, consistent growth of SEO traffic
  • Increased domain authority
  • Detailed SEO reporting that allows you to understand more about your website’s performance

Yes, we’re an SEO company that specialises in eCommerce SEO. We have a proven track record in driving high-quality SEO traffic to established eCommerce brands.

Our eCommerce SEO services involve strategic planning, scalable roll-outs of best search engine optimisation practices and detailed monthly reports.

We understand that every business is unique. Your SEO consultant will work with you to determine what a successful campaign looks like to your business. To do this effectively, KPIs and expectations are set prior to us starting a campaign.

Our SEO team creates a custom reporting system measuring all the metrics that matter to your business. Whether that be SEO traffic, SEO leads or business sales.

During our initial consultation, we will work directly with you to determine your campaign objectives and create a bespoke SEO strategy that suits your business.

Yes. As an experienced SEO company, we can identify why your website has been penalised and put together an SEO strategy for you moving forward.

We specialise in SEO ranking restorations and can help you get back on your feet. Many SEO companies can audit websites, however, being able to accurately find out why you’ve been penalised is a whole new ball game. Trust the best SEO company in Australia to restore your SEO rankings.

We work with medium to large-sized enterprises all across Australia and all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

Major industries we work in include government, entertainment, healthcare, retail, professional services, home improvement and eCommerce. Get in touch with our SEO specialist team today and brief us on your growth requirements.

We provide proactive campaign support on an ongoing basis, either via phone or email. We pride ourselves on our customer service and at no time will you ever feel alone when working with us.

Contact us today and find out how we can drive highly targeted SEO traffic to your website.

SEO Resources

To put it simply, each search engine has a core algorithm and web crawlers (search engine robots) that are constantly digging through your website’s pages. Through their complex algorithms, they will determine how relevant your pages are to certain keywords.

Search engines like Google have over 200 different ranking factors that they look at to determine what keywords your website best ranks for.

As an SEO agency, we optimise your website to rank for highly searched keywords on Google. By doing so, we drive streams of paying customers to your website, all who are there to purchase your goods or services!

When it comes to delivering substantial inbound marketing leads to your website, SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies you can streamline leads for your brand.

Traditional advertising reaches out to your target consumers on a massive scale, whether or not they are interested in buying your products and services. In contrast, SEO is a customisable marketing strategy that can target potential clients looking for your products and services.

That said, SEO is extremely consumer-centric, and instead of sending annoying and spam emails or displaying ads, SEO lets your website appear in organic search results whenever a potential customer searches for highly target keywords.

This principle makes SEO highly scalable. We’re able to consistently target the most important keywords to your business and scale up our campaigns to drive you more customers.

A website attracts visitors through many different channels. This includes SEO, Pay Per Click, referrals, direct, social and more. SEO leads are different, as they are generated straight through free online search channels. The main advantage is that SEO traffic can be perceived as free traffic.

SEO is an effective marketing strategy because it strengthens your business’s position at the very top with highly relevant searched results. This, in turn, provides quality traffic and thus leads.

Search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms to help users find more relevant information with their searches. When this happens, websites are shuffled around which could mean that your web page may increase in exposure or drop in exposure. It’s up to your business or your SEO agency to keep on top of these technological updates and changes.

The SEO industry is ever-changing and complicated. However, it is also common knowledge that anyone can learn the basics of SEO.

There are plenty of articles online outlining optimisation tips, guides and courses. If you are serious about the field, then it is highly recommended that you take some time and study the basics of SEO and what it encompasses. You can start by reviewing Google’s SEO starter guide.

For businesses that are after serious growth, then hiring an experienced SEO agency is advised. We have time-tested, proven SEO strategies that have been proven to work for our clients, and will work for your business. We save your business hundreds of hours of trial and testing.

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